Welcome to The Singing Lights. Put your feet up, take a load off. I should probably introduce myself: I’m Oran, a philosophy graduate which means that literally everything I post here you probably shouldn’t listen to.

My interests involve philosophy, writing, language, books, music, amongst other things. This is the place where fun, digestible content changes shape and becomes elongated observational essays. I do posts on writing, book reviews, music, etc.

All opinions here are my own which means I’m  not at all an expert on anything I write. I’m just a dude who thinks way too much, with the hope that I can help a soul or two along the way.

You can usually get to me on Twitter where maybe I’ll think of something interesting to say in under 140 characters amidst the ocean of retweets. Otherwise, in the extremely unlikely event you want to talk about anything else, it’s probably best to send me an electronic mail at: oran213@hotmail.com