#AcresofInk Writing Challenge: Week 30

Full list of questions here; last question here.

Week 30 | Describe (or show) your book’s ideal cover

I’ve in general preferred more pattern-based images for fantasy covers that aren’t too complicated. I envisioned both books in the sequence, Umbra and Lux to follow this style, with black and white covers, respectively. There are two avenues that you could go down. I’m quite fond of The Bone Season covers:


I think they work because they’re nice to look at and give a good idea of motifs in the books. I suppose there is the lion and crown insignia of Onzaria, a principal region in the book.


Behind door number two is The Wheel of Time, baby! I’ve always loved these covers for the series. Similar situation as above with lion and crown.


Door number three is similar to above. (From one of my all time favourite games.)

Cool ideas are Joe Abercrombie’s covers for the non-series books in his First Law world and the current reissues of Robin Hobb:


I think having the map on the cover is a cool idea. Cumbersome in the absence of a map in the book but very nice aesthetically. As for Hobb’s, again, the lion and crown insignia once again in those crests.

Okay, that’ll do for this.


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