#AcresofInk Writing Challenge: Week 8

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Week 8: Alternative realities: what could have changed everything, and how?

Hoo boy, let’s say a lot of deaths could have changed the lay of the land. But saying more gets super spoilery (even for the sequel books :P). In fact, very few things I can talk about here that don’t reveal stuff about the plot but I’m going to discuss a pre-book event that’s important.

So we’ve talked in the past about an anti-magic sentiment that led to the enslavement of magic users and their associates, right? That came about from fear and basically the core proponents forced scientists to develop technologies to suppress magic to make it easier to oppress the minority group (there was large military support for it all).

An event called the Liberation was when Laliena the heroine would release the shackles of the enslaved and lead the Three Kingdoms into a new prosperous age … But would happen if she never rose up or was killed before she gained enough support? Suppose now that she was an irreplaceable part of the movement what then for those poor souls?

Well, Alvefia abolished the trade well before the other countries followed suit. The Ivy Throne was a crucial element for the push back, after all, but they were hemmed in by supporters and needed support. If they did not come, in time, they would begin their resistance campaign by persuading their southern neighbours, Elefia, while borrowing some of their military strength and begin the arduous campaign country-wide. The resulting chaos would lead to the eventual collapse of the institution of slavery but with much heavier overall losses.

There are certain elements of the main plot that don’t occur and the structure of the Kingdoms is so, so different.

I like counterfactual situations like these. Naturally I went with the optimistic vision but there could easily be a different pessimistic one.

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