#AcresofInk Writing Challenge: Week 2

This is week 2 of the 52 week writing challenge. Last week’s question is here.

A list of all 52 can be located on the original post. I’d say it’s not too late to join and would be interested in exploring other people’s processes. This week is known as “Lord save us” week. *touches hand to forehead* How can a verbose virtuoso (emphasis on the verbose) such as myself do such a terrible task?

Question 2: Write a paragraph pitching your book and then distil it into no more than 3 sentences (basically, a blurb). Show both

Kill me  I mean, this is quite the difficult thing!

Okay, here goes:

The Three Kingdoms, once known for its beauty and technological innovations, hangs together by a thread, disease and conflict plaguing its once verdant lands. Only the blessing of the Goddess can right this wrong and bring prosperity to all. Far to the south, the great Anzori Empire stands at a tipping point. Their empress is dying of a rare and hardy illness and the ambitious clamour for her throne. They seek the Goddess’ Blessing in the Three Kingdoms, the last hope for empress and empire. Both hope for a miracle, of a magic from a lost age. But only one can wield the power. The War of the Twins begins.

A~and in condensed form:

The Three Kingdoms and the southern Anzori Empire battle over a power that can bring them salvation. But only one can wield its glorious light.

I don’t even think they’re good but I’d risk missing a week if I tried to get one “perfect” (perfect in scare quotes because it’d be “perfect” for when I complete it, inevitably being tweaked again until my body turn to dust and I fade away without actually writing my books). And I’m shirking a third sentence because it says no more than three sentences. I’d like to see who can do it in one or two sentences: that’d be Hard Mode+. Ah well, a good deal of practise for when I need to seriously do it in the coming years.

Next question.


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